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dynamo-culture asked: Give us your oral sex tips ;). Also I've been tumblin' in class and even when your blog comes up I'm just like... haters gon' hate. BAI.

YEAH GIRL. just tell them you’re studying anatomy.

and i’m going to assume you mean giving oral. i hate to be one of those people but i know i give good head. i don’t have a super magical mouth or anything, i’ve just been doing it for almost a decade. practice makes perfect but here are some personal musts:

1. eye contact. he doesn’t want you staring at his inner thigh the whole time.

2. keep it wet. i’m not saying slobber everywhere (although some guys like that and even spitting on their dick) but a wet bj is a good bj. it shouldn’t feel like a desert in your mouth (bonus points if you know what that’s from).

3. use your hand as an extension to your mouth. let’s face it, even if you can deep throat it might get a little uncomfortable after 20+ minutes.

4. alternate between jerking him off and going down on him.

5. play. with. the. balls. don’t paw at them like a cat toy but do show them some tender lovin’.

6. get good at reading the guy and learning what he likes. although the basics are the same, every guy is a bit different. hopefully he will be giving you verbal cues but if not, don’t be afraid to ask or change up your technique to see if he budges. 

7. change up your grip. i like to think of it like tennis: sometimes you need to use your backhand to get the ball over the net.

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